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For Families, David Gonzalez and the Yak Yak Band: Aesop Bops!, April 6, 2014


Storyteller and kinetic performer David Gonzalez has a knack for cracking up children and parents at once—his fast-paced physical comedy keeps kids rapt, while his clever wordplay and winking sidebars are comic relief for adults. For Aesop Bops!, Gonzalez reinvents classic fables for contemporary audiences—with fresh takes on old characters like the lion in "The Lion and the Mouse" who happens to be a rapper from the Bronx; the investment-savvy fisherman in "The Fisherman and his Wife," and the trash-talking turtle in "The Turtle's Shell." Accompanied by jazz piano, Gonzalez brings the stories to the stage with song, dance, and a rousing dose of audience participation.

Program Notes

Program notes are available approximately one week before the performance.


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Sun, April 6, 3 pm