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Berkeley Talks. In Conversation with Yo-Yo Ma: Cultural Citizens. December 10, 2014


Berkeley Talks
Video: In Conversation with Yo-Yo Ma preview

In this lecture, Yo-Yo Ma addresses the vital role of culture and the arts and sciences in our society and the ways in which each of us—both cultural workers and general audiences—can come together to work as "cultural citizens".

Illustrating his words with music and examples of success, Ma will discuss why this expanded version of culture matters and what benefits it brings to us as individuals and societies. He will then identify some of the challenges that the arts and sciences as part of culture face, and how we can respond as cultural citizens in a way that makes culture a transformative force in our lives and those of the people around us.

Joining Ma to help illustrate his example will be Cristina Pato, a virtuoso of the Galican bagpipes as well as an accomplished pianist and educator. As a star of Ma's Silk Road Ensemble, she is rapidly making a name for herself as an artist at home with jazz, classical and world music.

Berkeley Talks is a new series of conversations hosted by UC Berkeley's chancellor, Nicholas B. Dirks, bringing together international thought leaders, public scholars, creators, and innovators to examine the distinctive issues of our time. Co-presented by Cal Performances, these luminaries will engage in dialogue at the sometimes surprising nexus between their area of expertise and the university's core mission, celebrating the Chancellor's vision of a vibrant, engaged and forward-looking campus culture.

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Preview of In Conversation with Yo-Yo Ma

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Wed, Dec 10, 8 pm