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Berkeley Talks. WORDLESS!: Art Spiegelman & and Phillip Johnston. October 10, 2014


Berkeley Talks
Video: Wordless preview

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of MAUS and the grandfather of modern comics, Art Spiegelman has been an innovator and instigator of American culture for decades, first as co-editor of RAW magazine, and later as a cover artist at The New Yorker. WORDLESS!, a multimedia presentation of slides, stories, history, and live jazz by Phillip Johnston, is Spiegelman's personal tour of the wordless novels of the early 20th century that influenced him and generations of graphic artists to come.

Berkeley Talks is a new series of conversations hosted by UC Berkeley's chancellor, Nicholas B. Dirks, bringing together international thought leaders, public scholars, creators, and innovators to examine the distinctive issues of our time. Co-presented by Cal Performances, these luminaries will engage in dialogue at the sometimes surprising nexus between their area of expertise and the university's core mission, celebrating the Chancellor's vision of a vibrant, engaged and forward-looking campus culture.

WORDLESS! was originally produced in Sydney, Australia in October 2013. The Sydney Opera House is the commissioner of this work.

Program Notes

Program notes are available approximately 1-2 days before the performance.


An introduction to WORDLESS! Art Spiegelman's intellectual vaudeville show

UC Berkeley's chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks invites you to the Berkeley Talks series and WORDLESS!

Sydney Opera House: Interview with Art Spiegelman and Phillip Johnston about WORDLESS!

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Fri, Oct 10, 8 pm