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2008 Diary

Week 4: July 14 - July 18


Friday, July 18

Field Trip Day

Before the AileyCampers headed off to Strawberry Canyon Recreation Center in Berkeley for their day at the pool, they auditioned for the final performance.

AileyCamp Director David McCauley and modern dance instructor M'bewe Escobar taught the campers the steps to the signature work by Alvin Ailey, Revelations. The campers sat on the side of the stage with their assigned numbers. By observing the auditioning process, they are learning the steps to the dance.

Staffers served as judges


Wednesday, July 16

Creative Communications: Mask Making

Creative Communications instructor Kate Schatz and Guidance Councelor Sarah Kremer taught the campers on how to create masks to be used in the final performance. The campers were put in groups of 2-3 and as one sat still, the others applied the plaster.

The Assignment

Step 1. Prepping the face

Step 2. Applied the plaster

Step 3. After a 30 minute wait, the campers removed the mask

Step 4. Smoothing out the edges and cleaning their faces

Finished masks!!


AileyCamp video
Want to learn more about the Berkeley/Oakland AileyCamp at Cal Performances? Watch this seven minute video that follows a group of Berkeley campers from beginning impressions through the grand finale performance.