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2009 Diary

Week 4: July 13 - July 17


Friday, July 17

Field Trip Friday: Archeology Research Facility

Before the AileyCampers headed off to UC Berkeley's Archeology Research Facility for their weekly field trip, the campers auditioned for a variety of acts for the finale performance on July 30, 2009. The AileyCamp staffers served as judges and the campers showed off what they have learned over the past four weeks of camp.

AileyCamp staffers setting up the judging table AileyCamp staffers setting up the judging table Campers waiting Campers waiting

Boy group auditioning Boy group auditioning Girl group auditioning Girl group auditioning

Once at the Archeology Research Facility, the campers participated in activities focusing on the artifacts and objects from West Oakland from the 18th and 19th centuries. Then the campers created skits that deepened their understanding of historical landmarks in Oakland.

AileyCampers looking at artifacts AileyCampers looking at artifacts Skits Skits


Thursday, July 16

Video: 2006 AileyCamper Dominique Reminisces

Former 2006 AileyCamper Dominique Reminisces comes back to AileyCamp as a volunteer and listen to what she has to say about her experience at AileyCamp.


Wednesday, July 15

Personal Development Class

In today's Personal Development class, AileyCamp instructor Shawn Nealy raised the serious issues of sexism and misogyny. As a group, the campers discuss their interpretations of gender discrimination. When asked "what does it mean to be objectified?" a few of the campers weren't sure about the answer.

"When people judge you by your gender? " - Rayanna
"When women are treated as an object? "- Oscar

Camper sharing a story Camper sharing a story Campers listening Campers listening

Shawn also talked about the misrepresentation of women in music videos and showed the group a video clip that further discussed sexual objectification of women in today's society. After the video, Camper Rayanna said "at first I like the music videos...but after this, I don't really like the message it's sending"

Campers watching a video clip Campers watching a video clip

When asked "why are the images of sexual objectification dangerous?"

Camper Joshua said "then people would want to treat other women like that"

Tuesday, July 14

Video: Africal Dance Class with Naomi Johnson Diouf

Take a look inside African dance class and listen to AileyCamp African dance instructor Naomi Johnson Diouf talk about choreography.


Monday, July 13

AileyCamp Group Leader Sheila Coleman

Sheila Coleman Sheila Coleman

Sheila Coleman's Group Leader Experience

As a group leader, each day at AileyCamp is devoted to the development of my twelve students who make up the Marvelous Achievers (Group M). I strive to lead my team to be the best that they can be by supporting them in their dance, music, creative communications and personal development classes. As a result of AileyCamp's highly competent and caring staff, there has been enormous growth in only three weeks: students who have not had a lot of dance training are taking up to three dance classes a day; I love hearing the joyful screams of "Yes, I got it!" from students who perform seemingly difficult dance steps; students thank their instructors after each class; and as students dance together and share more personal feelings about themselves, they are gelling as an ensemble. To somehow be a part of this and to witness firsthand each individual's growth as a dancer and development into a more disciplined and confident young person at AileyCamp has been my most rewarding group leader experience thus far! I am definitely ecstatic about their continuous empowerment in the weeks to come.


AileyCamp video
Want to learn more about the Berkeley/Oakland AileyCamp at Cal Performances? Watch this seven minute video that follows a group of Berkeley campers from beginning impressions through the grand finale performance.