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2009 Diary

Week 5: July 20 - July 24


Friday, July 24

Rehearsal Rehearsal Rehearsal

As the date for the finale performance approaches (next Thursday, July 30 at 7:00 p.m.), the AileyCampers are in full rehearsal mode. Instead of having their weekly fieldtrips, the staffers and campers rehearse all day long in preparation for the big performance.

Rehearsal on Zellerbach stage Rehearsal on Zellerbach stage


Thursday, July 23

Group Photo
Video: Group Photo Session

The 2009 Berkeley/Oakland AileyCamp gathered outside Zellerbach Hall to take a group shot this very sunny afternoon. Organizing 50 energized AileyCampers to pose and hold still long enough for a group photo was a little chaotic, the AileyCamp staff was successful in capturing a fun image. See the 2009 Berkeley/Oakland AileyCamp!

2009 Berkeley/Oakland AileyCamp 2009 Berkeley/Oakland AileyCamp


Tuesday, July 21

Video: Ballet Class with Willie Anderson

With the talented Frederick Harris playing piano, watch dance instructor Willie Anderson teach ballet and discuss some of his techniques for making this challenging art form fun and accessible for AileyCampers.


Monday, July 20

Aikido with Shawn Nealy

Aikido is a practice that places emphasis on mastering martial arts so that one may harmlessly redirect an attack. In connection with this year's theme, Fiat Lux, Shawn Nealy introduced AileyCampers to this nonviolent martial art that promotes peace, harmony, and personal growth. As AileyCampers reflect on their own inner light, exposing them to Aikido gives them another tool to help cultivate inner peace by executing movements that require them to keep centered, be present and aware of their body, and maintain focus. Aikido encompasses 31 moves, and Shawn has already taught 21 different moves to AileyCampers. While the movements are simple, they still challenge AileyCampers since they are different from how they intrinsically move as young people, and so they exercise not only their minds but also their bodies.

AileyCamper learning Aikido AileyCamper learning Aikido

AileyCamper learning Aikido AileyCamper learning Aikido


AileyCamp video
Want to learn more about the Berkeley/Oakland AileyCamp at Cal Performances? Watch this seven minute video that follows a group of Berkeley campers from beginning impressions through the grand finale performance.