Unlikely musicians on unlikely instruments in concerts...that [are] part blues, part bluegrass and a smidgen of Bach.

Los Angeles Times

Special Events
Not Our First Goat Rodeo
Yo-Yo Ma – Stuart Duncan
Edgar Meyer – Chris Thile
With guest Aoife O'Donovan

A powerhouse group of virtuosos—Yo-Yo Ma on cello, Stuart Duncan on fiddle, Edgar Meyer on bass, and Chris Thile on mandolin—performs live under the stars at UC Berkeley's magnificent Greek Theatre. Joined by featured vocalist Aoife O'Donovan, these exceptional artists reunite this summer—for the first time in nearly a decade!—combining their diverse traditions and experiences to create a sound that's part composed, part improvised, and totally, uniquely American. This music is so challenging to pull off that the group likens playing it to a "goat rodeo," airplane pilots' slang for a situation so nearly unmanageable that countless parts must come together perfectly in order to avoid disaster. This astounding collaboration promises an unforgettable evening of musical magic.

The original Goat Rodeo Sessions, a 2011 double-Grammy winner, was the first step in this collaboration, described by NPR's World Cafe as hinting "at Appalachia, Chinese, classical, Celtic, and jazz influences...organic yet composed in a way that only four deeply talented, in-tune musicians could make it." This year's Greek Theatre concert will feature all-new music from an eagerly anticipated release, out this spring.