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Year after year, Cal Performances delivers a vibrant mix of the world’s highest-caliber music, dance, and theater right to your backyard. In concert with remarkable artists, we make inspiration, joy, creativity, understanding, and so much more, happen for all. This is the miracle of great art—it connects us in boundless, extraordinary ways.

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Witnessing a masterful performance by an artist at the top of their field keeps you at the edge of your seat and creates a feeling of joy that almost defies description. That universal awe and exhilaration which compels us to spring up and shout “bravo!” at the end of a performance is simply priceless.

Each season more than 125,000 people experience the best in the performing arts at Cal Performances. With ticket sales only covering 33% of our budget, we rely on donors of all levels to help bridge the gap.

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High-quality artistic programming remains at the heart of Cal Performances. This means not only re-discovering classic repertoire, but investing in new work. With your help, we are committed to producing and premiering new works that are relevant to our society and our time.


The performing arts have the power to unite people from different backgrounds and generations, allowing us to see our similarities and express our differences. At Cal Performances, we believe in the unique power of the performing arts to transcend boundaries and barriers, and in doing so, unlock the vast potential of the human spirit. Last season we welcomed artists from more than 40 countries to Berkeley.

The Nile Project

Each year, public programs like community dance classes, open rehearsals, and pop-up WhimsiCAL performances bring people of all ages and abilities together to share in the joy of the performing arts. It is because of our donors that we can make these programs free and open to the public

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There is nothing quite like attending a SchoolTime performance and hearing 2,000 K-12 students fall silent the moment the curtain rises. For many of these students, it is the first time that they will experience live art. The spark that is created spreads into the classroom through tailored engagement activities. The Cal Performances Classroom strives to link the arts seamlessly with curriculum throughout the school years, connecting students to ideas and reflection on human experience that can’t easily be expressed any other way.

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One of the many wonderful outcomes of our strong relationships with the world’s greatest artists is our ability to open up the creative process. We bring you into the fold with artist talks, symposia, master classes, workshops, digital content, and more. Audiences walk away from these programs with new ideas about their communities and the world that lies beyond.

Yo-Yo Ma

Our supporters make it possible for us to collaborate year after year with celebrated artists like Yo-Yo Ma, Mark Morris, and the Vienna Philharmonic. These are iconic artists at the top of their fields that you can only see here at Cal Performances. With the help from generous people like you, we are committed to ensuring access to these iconic artists and their performances.