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In addition to our fine arts program, as part of the mission of Cal Performances we are able to provide professional quality facilities and services for UC Berkeley on-campus users, community groups, and professional promoters and presenters. Our facilities are capable of accommodating a wide range of special events such as dance, music, theater, and other performing arts disciplines, as well as lectures, symposia, seminars, meetings, and other entertainment or education related activities, at competitive market-based rental rates.

Rental dates are available on a first-come, first-served basis and may be limited due to the high level of activity in the venues. Scheduling flexibility greatly increases the possibility of securing a venue. On campus users have priority over off campus users.

For more information about rental guidelines, and availability contact Cal Performances at, or see our Facilities site.

Facilities most commonly available for rental are:
Zellerbach Auditorium (2005 seats)
Wheeler Auditorium (705 seats) ----------------

Rental Rates
Rental rates are set according to the following guidelines:

On Campus Users
This includes departments, student groups, campus affiliated organizations, or other campus units which are recognized by the University. On campus users may rent the facility according to established recharge rates which are approved each year by the Office of Financial and Business Services.

Off Campus Users
The facilities are also available for rental to off campus users. Discounts may be available for non-profit organizations with evidence of 501c3 status.


Additional Information
Wheeler Auditorium and Zellerbach Playhouse have restrictions on their use because of campus assignment (classroom scheduling or lab/performance assignment). The Greek Theatre is restricted by campus use conditions and is also governed by an exclusive popular music agreement. In general, Cal Performances' facilities are limited to fine arts, educational, or other entertainment related events. University facilities may not be used for any fund-raising purpose.


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Ticket Office: 510.642.9988

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