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Administration & Programming
  Executive and Artistic Director
Matías Tarnopolsky 510.643.2712
  Executive Assistant
    Janet Nakamura 510.643.2712
  Artistic Administrator
    Robin Pomerance 510.643.3786
  General Manager
    Douglas Warrick 510.643.6717
  Office Manager
    Loretta Hill 510.642.0212
  Associate Director
    Rob Bailis 510.643.6705
Development Back to top
  Director of Development
    Sarah Sobey 510.643.7053
  Director of Annual Fund
    Julia Collins 510.643.5305
  Development and Board Relations Coordinator
    Laurel Skehen 510.643.5155
  Director of Major Gifts
  Institutional Giving Manager
    Ekaterina Luchanskaya 510.643.3060
  Individual Giving Associate
    Jamie McClave 510.643.6735
Education & Community Programs Back to top
  Senior Producer of Artistic Residency and Community Platforms
    Laura Abrams 510.642-3691
  Director of Artistic Literacy
    Sabrina Klein 510.643.6704
  Director of AileyCamp
    David McCauley 510.642.7087
  Education Programs Manager and Teaching Artist
    Rica Anderson 510.642-6838
  Producer/Tech Manager
    Kathy Rose 510.643-1207
  Project Administrator
    Kate Gorman 510.643-1206
  Artistic Literacy Administrative Coordinator
    Marilyn Stanley 510.643-1205
Finance Back to top
  Chief Financial Officer
    Calvin D. Eng 510.643.1498
  Finance Specialist
    Maureen Murray 510.642.8551
  Finance Specialist
    Scott Leblanc 510.643.6706
Human Resources Back to top
  Director of Human Resources
    Judy Hatch 510.643.6703
  Human Resource Generalist
    Shan Whitney 510.643.4410
Information Systems Back to top
  Information Systems Director
    Andrew Kraus 510.643.5572
  Weekend Analyst
    Aaron Glimme 510.643.2189
  Applications Programmer
    Gawain Lavers 510.643.5193
  Systems Administrator
    Sean Nittner 510.643.3853
  IT Support Analyst
    Ingrid Williams 510.643.7372
Marketing Back to top
  Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy
    Jenny Reik 510.643.5178
  Advertising & Promotions Manager
    Ron Foster-Smith 510.642.3499
  New Technology Coordinator
    Lynn Zummo
Operations Back to top
  Event Operations Manager
    Rob Bean 510.642.4434
  Audience Services Coordinator
    Rachel Keynton 510.642.0675
  Event Manager
    Jane Goodwin 510.642.3276
  Event Manager
    Tiffani Snow 510.643.5275
  Event Manager/Greek Theatre
    Amy Ferrara 510.643.8237
  Production Manager
    Alan Herro 510.642.5550
  Master Carpenter
    Dan Nilles 510.642.5715
  Audio Department Head
    Tom Craft 510.643.2532
  Video Engineer
    Joseph Parks 510.643.5859
  Master Electrician
    Jeremy Little 510.643.8975
  Assistant Electrician
    Matt Norman
  Rental Services Manager
    Jill Schinberg 510.642.7319
Publications Back to top
  Publications Editor
    James Coleman 510.643.1323
Public Relations Back to top
  Director of Public Relations, Senior Media Producer
    Christina Kellogg 510.643.6714
  PR Associate
    Rusty Barnes 510.642.9121
Student Musical Activities
  Director, Student Musical Activities
Brad Brennan 510.643.1045
  Coordinator, SMA
    Angela Kim 510.643.2551
  Director, Cal Marching Band
    Bob Calonico 510.643.9644
  Student Office, Cal Marching Band
  Director, UC Choral Ensembles
    Mark Sumner 510.642.2215
  Associate Director, UC Choral Ensembles
    Bill Ganz 510.643.9645
  Director, UC Jazz Ensembles
    Ted Moore 510.642.5073
Ticket Office Back to top
  Ticket Services Manager
    Liz Baqir 510.642.9988
  Assistant Ticket Office Manager
    Gordon Young 510.642.7835
  Assistant Ticket Office Manager
    Sherice Jones 510.642.1082
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