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Parking is usually difficult to find near curtain time. Please plan to arrive in Berkeley 30-40 minutes prior to an event to ensure that you are in your seat before the curtain rises.

And occasionally, two or more events occur on the same day or evening on the UCB campus which can make finding a parking space even more challenging. Please see Parking Alerts on the next tab or the specific event page for updates on known possible parking conflicts.

Joining us for a performance in Zellerbach Hall? Lower Sproul Plaza Construction and What It Means For You.

Parking Lots

Detailed information, locations and pricing of lots listed below can be found on Parkopedia

The following is a suggested list of parking lots near our venues:

1. Lower Sproul Lot (formerly MLK Student Union Garage)
Bancroft Way near Telegraph Avenue, under Zellerbach Hall

2. Recreational Sports Facility (RSF) Garage
Bancroft Way at Ellsworth Avenue

3. Bancroft/Fulton Lot
Bancroft Way between Ellsworth Avenue and Fulton Street

4. Dana/Durant Lot
Dana Street near Bancroft Way, across from Zellerbach Hall

5. & 6. Telegraph-Channing Garage
Entrances on Durant Avenue and Channing Street, between Telegraph Avenue and Dana Street

7. Bancroft Structure
Bancroft Way between College Avenue and Bowditch Street

8. Upper Hearst Structure
Corner of Hearst Avenue and Gayley Road/La Loma Avenue

9. Stadium Parking Garage
Gayley Road/Piedmont Avenue at Stadium Rim Way

Parking Alerts

The following are dates and times that we are currently aware of when parking may be especially scarce on the UC Berkeley campus due to conflicting sporting or other events. Allow plenty of extra time to find parking or take public transit! Most University parking lots will be reserved for game patrons and city-owned lots may have a limited number of spots available. Traffic will be heavy. Please be aware of the parking shortage on these days:

Sep 12 2015
Oct 3 2015
Nov 13 2015
M Basketball
Nov 14 2015
Nov 20 2015
M Basketball
Nov 22 2015
W Basketball
Nov 27 2015
W Basketball
Nov 28 2015
Nov 28 2015
W Basketball
Feb 28 2016
M Basketball
Again, most University parking lots will be reserved for game patrons and city-owned lots may have a limited number of spots available. If you have tickets to an event at these times, we advise you to arrive early and to seriously consider alternative transportation. The Downtown Berkeley BART station is a 10-minute walk to the Zellerbach Hall, and many AC Transit buses stop on Bancroft, right in front of the Hall. Visit BART's website in advance to schedule your trip online at

Please consult the Audience Guide mailed with your tickets or for further suggestions, or see helpful transportation phone numbers portion of Directions page. You may also call UCB Parking and Transportation at 510.642.4283 or the Ticket Office at 510.642.9988 for additional information.

Donor Parking Information

Reserved parking is a benefit we offer in appreciation of our donors at the $750 level and above. Learn more about this and other membership benefits.

To the greatest extent possible, parking spots are reserved in the parking lot or garage closest to the concert venue on the UC Berkeley campus. Detailed information, locations and pricing of lots listed below can be found on Parkopedia

For performances in:
Parking Lot/Garage:

Zellerbach Hall
1 Lower Sproul Lot (formerly MLK Student Union Garage)

Hertz Hall
7 Bancroft Structure

First Congregational Church
4 Dana-Durant Lot

Greek Theatre
8 Upper Hearst Lot

If you have any questions about parking reservations please contact us at 510.642.8653 or

Greek Theatre Parking

There is limited parking in and around the Greek Theatre and the closest lot is at least two blocks away from the theater entrance so plan on wearing comfortable shoes! (See information below about drop off and loading zones). Please plan accordingly to allow for the time necessary to find parking, as well as the time it may take to walk the necessary distance to the Greek Theatre.

The closet parking structure to the Greek Theatre is located at Hearst Avenue and Gayley Road/La Loma Avenue (8 on the above map). (Note that while the Foothill Parking structure is technically closer to the venue, it requires a steep descent down a hill in order to reach the venue so please gauge accordingly) Other parking structures include the Lower Hearst Parking lot located at along Hearst Avenue between Euclid Avenue and Scenic Avenue and the Underhill Parking Structure located along College Avenue between Channing Way and Haste Street.

Disabled parking is available at Upper Hearst parking garage at the corner of Hearst Ave and Gayley Road (there are two DP spaces on the lowest level entering from Hearst Ave, and several more DP spaces on the third level entering from Gayley Road). Upper Hearst parking garage has the best path of travel (one relatively level block) from the parking area to the Greek Theatre.

Drop Off/Loading Zone: There is a curbside drop-off area on Gayley Road just north of the Greek Theatre entrance for passengers with mobility disabilities who prefer to minimize the travel distance to the Greek Theatre.

Comprehensive map of all UC Parking lots (All lots are controlled and operated by UC Berkeley Parking & Traffic)
Directions to the Greek Theatre

University Club at Memorial Stadium Parking

Often referred to as "The Penthouse of Memorial Stadium," the University Club offers a panoramic view of the Bay Area through its glass windows and wrapping glass-deck balcony. The modern design creates an inspiring background, inviting true connection between artist and audience.

The closet parking structure to Memorial Stadium is the newly-opened Stadium Parking Garage located at the intersection of Gayley Road/Piedmont Avenue and Stadium Rim Way (9 on the above map). Cal Performances patrons of events held at the University Club should be able to park in this garage for $25.

For access to the University Club, enter Memorial Stadium through the west entrance (there will be volunteers and signage showing you where to go).
General Questions:

Ticket Office: 510.642.9988

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