• 2021/22 Reopening Plans

Your Health and Safety Is Our Priority

As we return to live, in-person performances for our 2021/22 Season, Cal Performances is developing reopening protocols in conjunction with rapidly evolving state, local, and university health regulations and we are committed to formulating health and safety protocols for our venues that support the continued health and safety of our staff, artists, and audiences.  We would like to encourage everyone to consider receiving a vaccination for COVID-19, as this is the best measure we have to enable us to join together in experiencing community and the arts together.

To ensure alignment with the most current COVID-19 safety regulations, Cal Performances will announce venues, seating configurations, pricing, and other safety protocols as tickets go on sale on June 22 for outdoor events and in August as tickets go on sale for indoor events.

We anticipate that pandemic conditions will continue to evolve, and we will stay in close communication with audience members about all changes throughout the season. As we get closer to the opening of our 2021/22 Season, check back to this page often for updates to be kept up to date about our return to in-person performances.

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