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Duško Marović


Having settled in South Africa from Serbia in the early 1990s, Belgrade-born cinematographer Duško Marović, has diversified his skills in local and international productions. His work on commercials, corporate films, documentaries, art installations, and featurettes for acclaimed HBO, BBC Sport, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel, to name a few, has taken him across the globe. Born in 1969 and educated in the field of telecommunication studies, Marović is known for a variety of critically impressive works including the award-winning feature documentary The War Photographers; featurettes for television series The Passion, Generation Kill, The House of Saddam, and The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency. Since 2011, he has filmed for William Kentridge’s theater productions and art installations, including The Refusal of Time, More Sweetly Play the Dance, Notes Towards the Model Opera, O Sentimental Machine, Lulu, Wozzeck, and The Head & the Load.