Program Books/Eric “Surf” Taylor (Double OG)

Eric “Surf” Taylor (Double OG)

rehearsal director

Thirty years old and one of the show’s real OGs (“original gangstas”), Taylor was born and raised in Memphis. He was all about sports until dancing captured his attention at age 15—first in hip-hop and then, for the last 13 years, as a jooker and inspired by his older brother, Mem­phis jookin’ pioneer (and the show’s co-choreographer) Dr. Rico. Taylor has been a member of the seminal Memphis jookin’ groups G-Force and 2 Live Crew. “I’ve been in the game so long, I’m not just involved with Memphis jookin’ for myself any more,” he says. “I’m doing this for the ones who couldn’t make it to this point in their careers or in their lives. I put them in my heart and just move forward with that.” @Surf_Taylor