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Guillaume Briand

Sound and Technical Director

Guillaume Briand (sound and technical director) became a musician when he discovered his passion for the art of sound. At age 17, he decided to follow his heart and began his career working as a sound engineer at Production Jeun-Est, Foufounes électriques, le Grand Bambou, Spectra, Cabaret Latulipe, and Cabaret Juste Pour Rire. He has traveled the world, creating soundscapes and mixing instrumentation in France, Italy, China, the United States, Singapore, and Germany, where he worked with percussionist and hybrid artist Merlin Ettore. On tour with the extreme heavy metal group Unexpect, out of Montreal, Briand has performed his sonic magic in stadiums throughout Europe. He also works as a technical director for various touring shows, especially the poetic musicalizations of Queen Ka and the Triplets of Belleville cine-concert.