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Illuminations connects groundbreaking UC Berkeley scholarship to themes taken up by the world-class music, dance, and theater presented by Cal Performances. Illuminations programming, which includes performances, panel discussions, lecture demonstrations, Q&As, and more, sheds light on pressing topics with the power to transform our understanding of the world and shape the future. Each event  is meant to provide a unique lens through which to see and understand the season’s big idea; when taken collectively, the events should create a more holistic understanding of the theme and shed new light on its many implications, both in performance and in our daily lives. 

2023–24 Season
“Individual & Community”

Concepts of “individual” and “community” have been at the forefront of public discourse in recent years, with some models increasing polarization and radicalization within our society. This year’s Illuminations theme—”Individual & Community”—will empower us to explore the tensions that come into play while balancing the interests of the individual with the interest of the group.

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Lead support for Illuminations is provided by the Koret Foundation.
Illuminations 2022/23 Season: Human and Machine
2022–23 Season
“Human and Machine”
Illuminations 2022/23: Human and Machine
2021–22 Season
“Place and Displacement”
Illuminations 2021/22 Season: Place and Displacement
2020–21 Season
“Music and the Mind,” “Fact or Fiction”
Illuminations 2020/21: Music and the Mind and Fact or Fiction