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Joshua Thake


Birthplace: Providence, RI Training: Boston Ballet School, San Francisco Ballet School, Brae Crest School of Classical Ballet. Joined Trock­adero: November 2011. Previous company: Man Dance Company of San Francisco.

Eugenia Repelskii. The secrets of Mme. Repel­skii’s beginnings lie shrouded behind the Kremlin wall; in fact, no fewer than six lie within the wall (in jars of assorted sizes). Dancing lightly over pogroms and other sordid reorganizational measures, Eugenia has emerged as a ballerina nonpareil whose pungency is indisputable.

Jacques d’Aniels was originally trained as an astronaut before entering the world of ballet. Strong but flexible, good natured but dedicated, sensible but not given to unbelievable flights of fantastic behavior, d’Aniels is an expert on recovering from ballet injuries (including the dreaded “Pavlova’s clavicle”).