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Julia Miller

Puppeteer: The Creature, Elizabeth Frankenstein; MC co-artistic director

Julia Miller (The Creature, Eliza­beth Franken­stein, MC co-artistic director) is a director, pup­peteer, and puppet designer. With Manual Cinema, she has directed Mementos Mori and The End of TV and created original roles in Frankenstein (The Creature/Elizabeth), Ada/Ava (Ada), Lula del Ray (Lula’s Mother), The Magic City (Helen), and Hansel und Gretel (Hansel). In Chicago, she has worked as a per­former and puppeteer with Redmoon Thea­tre and Blair Thomas and Co. Miller spent several years training in devised theater, clown, and mask with Double Edge Theatre and Carlos García Estevez, as well as at the Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy. She is a co-producer and direc­tor of several episodes of the new web series The Doula is IN.