Program Books/Marshall and Parker Mulherin

Marshall and Parker Mulherin

composers and music directors

Marshall and Parker Mulherin are twin brothers from Memphis, where they grew up surrounded by music—their father is a professional musician and their mother a knowledgeable fan with wide-ranging musical tastes. While marinating in the rich musical environment at home, they grew up as percussionists in their middle school and high school bands. Early in their college years at Loyola New Orleans, they discovered their vocations as composers, songwriters, and singers, and they soon began releasing original songs online as Mulherin and playing live in New Orleans clubs and college venues.

Lil Buck entered the Mulherins’ lives when they were commissioned to create music for his performances with Memphis’ New Ballet Ensemble in 2014 and again in 2016. The brothers moved to Los Angeles the next year to pursue their musical career, but stayed creatively engaged with Buck, contributing music to Love Heals All Wounds, the first production from his Movement Art Is organization, and a composition for the Vail Dance Festival. They’ve toured nationally and were finishing up their next Mulherin EP and music video when Buck invited them to join the creative team for Memphis Jookin’—The Show. Delighted to dive back into Lil Buck’s unique creative world, they began composing and producing a wide stylistic range of music for the show.

Today, their career as Mulherin also continues full steam, with a new EP and plenty of other songs available on all the music streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.), videos on YouTube, and more live performances on the horizon.