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Peter Brooke Turner

At well over six feet, Peter Brooke Turner may well be the tallest ukulele player in the world—he is certainly the tallest in the Ukulele Orchestra. He was born in Portugal and grew up in the Soviet Union, Brazil, the US, Finland, and Italy. After false starts on the violin, trumpet, and guitar, he finally discovered the ukulele, joining the orchestra in 1995.

He has released three albums under the pseudonym Tony Penultimate and has worked with many well-known performers in the UK; Peter has even lent his instrument to Tiny Tim! He fronted his own Ukulele Kings rock group in the ’90s.

Peter has created the world’s first high-altitude drama company—the ATTC (Airline Toilets Theatre Company)—which has subsequently produced more than 20 high quality, low budget songs, sketches, and shows (all on Peter’s iPhone) that originate from this oft-neglected performance space. They can be viewed online.