Program Books/Philip Martin-Nielson

Philip Martin-Nielson


Birthplace: Middletown, NY. Training: Natasha Bar, School of American Ballet, Chautauqua Institution of Dance. Joined Trockadero: Sep­tember 2012. Previous company: North Caro­lina Dance Theater

Nadia Doumiafeyva. No one who has seen Heliazpopkin will soon forget the spiritual athleticism of Nadia Doumiafeyva, a child of Caucasus who changed her name for show business reasons. Her fiery attack, combined with her lyric somnolence, produces confusion in audiences the world over, particularly when applied to ballet.

Kravlji Snepek comes to the Trockadero from his split-level birthplace in Siberia, where he excelled in toe, tap, acrobatic, and Hawaiian. This good-natured Slav is famous for his breathtaking technique—a blend of froth and frou-frou centered on a spine of steel, painfully acquired at the hands and feet of his teacher, Glib Generalization, who has trained many able dancers. As an artist in the classical, heroic, tragical mold, young Kravlji wrenched the heart of all who saw him dance Harlene, the Goat Roper, in The Best Little Dacha in Sverdlovsk.