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Robin Meiksins


Robin Meiksins (flute) is a freelance con­temporary flutist focused on collaborations with living composers. Chicago-based, she uses the Internet and online media to support and create her collaborations, In 2017, Meiksins completed her first year-long collaborative project, 365 Days of Flute. Each day featured a different work; each video was recorded and posted on the same day. In 2018, she launched the 52 Weeks of Flute Project. Each week fea­tured a different living composer workshopping a submitting work, culminating in a per­formance on YouTube. Meiksins has premiered over 100 works and has performed at SPLICE Institute, the SEAMUS national conference, and Oh My Ears New Music Festival (2018), and she was a guest artist at University of Illinois for their first annual “24-Hour Com­pose-a-thon.” Meiksins holds a master’s degree from Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music, where she studied with Kate Lukas and Thomas Robertello.