Program Books/Salvador Sasot Sellart

Salvador Sasot Sellart


Birthplace: Lleida, Spain.  Training: Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Madrid Mariemma. Escuela de Ballet Camina Ocaña and Pablo Savoye.  Joined Trockadero: August 2019.  Previous company: North Bohemian Theater of Opera and Ballet.

Grunya Protazova is the missing link between the crustaceans of the old Russian school and the more modern amphibians now dancing. Before joining the Trockadero, Grunya was the featured ballerina at Sea World, where her famous autobiographic solo, Dance of the Lower Orders, brought several marine biologists to tears.

The Legupski Brothers—Dmitri, Marat, Sergey, Timur, and Vladimir—are not really brothers, nor are their names really Dmitri, Marat, Sergey, Timur, or Vladimir, nor are they real Russians, nor can they tell the difference between a pirouette and a jeté…but…well…they do move about rather nicely…and…they fit into the costumes.