Program Books/Thandazile “Sonia” Rabede

Thandazile “Sonia” Rabede


Sonia Radebe is an award-winning contemporary African dancer with a diploma in theory and practice of dance teaching. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, her extraordinary work and passion for collaborations and residency programs has been seen in the US, Africa, and Europe. Her work deals with universal socio-economic issues as well as advocating for African narrative sharing of oral history in witty yet emotionally charged ways. The performance platforms as well as institutions that have benefited from her skill include Dance Umbrella Africa, NAF, International, De­tours Festival, Tanzhaus-Dusseldorf, Ger­many, ICW-Netherlands, Afrovibes, Shifting Realities–Ecole de Sable (Senegal), Wits University (Dept of Theatre and Performance), SANCTA, Oakfield College, University of Pretoria, JHB Correctional Services, MID, Jomba Festival, Hillbrow Theatre, William Kentridge’s Centre for the Less Good Idea, and the Medea Project (San Francisco, US). She is also a co-director at Song and Dance Works.