They sang exquisitely, every millisecond of music perfectly crafted and every sonority a nuanced world unto its own.

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Early Music
The Tallis Scholars
The Field of the Cloth of Gold: Music of Jean Mouton and William Cornysh

In the 16th century, the retinues of King Henry VIII of England and King Francis I of France met on a field near Calais for a friendly show of mutual power, an extravagant display of food, wine, wrestling, jousting, and of course, singing. Rival choirs squared off, with the French led by composer Jean Mouton and the English by William Cornysh. The Tallis Scholars pay tribute to this Renaissance "sing-off" in a program of works by both composers, culminating in Cornysh's glorious Magnificat. "These a cappella meditations, interweaving plainchant and polyphony, sober canon and rhythmic surprise, take the listener as near extraterrestrial as you can get sitting in a concert hall" (The Guardian, London).


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