J.S. Bach/Adagio from Violin Sonata in G minor, BWV 1001
Reena Esmail/Darshan
Paul Wiancko/ Nocturne from X Suite (California [Live Performance] premiere)
Du Yun/under a tree, an udatta for violin and tape

Nicola Matteis/Alla Fantasia
Bach/Preludio from Partita in E major, BWV 1006
Salina Fisher/New Commission for solo violin (California premiere)

Bach/Grave from Sonata in A minor, BWV 1003
Matthew Burtner/Elegy from Muir Glacier for violin and tape
Bach/ Largo from Sonata in C major, BWV 1005
Angélica Negrón/New Commission for violin and electronics (California premiere)

Giuseppe Colombi/Ciaconna (arr. Kenney)
Samuel Adams/“Playing Changes” from Violin Diptych
Bach/Chaconne from Partita in D minor, BWV 1004

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Alexi Kenney with violin
Pictured: Alexi Kenney performs Shifting Ground on Saturday, February 25, 2023 in Hertz Hall.
(credit: Grittani Creative)