Program Books/Kronos Quartet with special guest Wu Man, pipa/Kronos Quartet with special guest Wu Man, pipa Program


TERRY RILEY (b. 1935) The Cusp of Magic (first movement)*
(arr. Wu Man, real. Danny Clay) 

Glimpses of Muqam Chebiyat**

Chebiyat Muqam – Muqaddima †
Chebiyat Muqam – Third Dastan †

WU MAN (b. 1963)
(real. Danny Clay)

Two Chinese Paintings**

WU MAN/Ancient Echo**
TRADITIONAL/Silk and Bamboo (inspired by Huanlege)

STEVE REICH (b. 1936)

Different Trains*

America—Before the wa
Europe—During the war
After the war


Tan Dun (b. 1957)

Ghost Opera*

* Written for Kronos
** Written for Fifty for the Future: The Kronos Learning Repertoire
† Arranged for Kronos