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New Music, Eco Ensemble, David Milnes, conductor, February 22, 2014, April 12, 2014


Between Acts: Professor David Milnes talks Eco Ensemble video

Feb 22

IT (2004, rev. 2007)

Chamber Concerto (1969)

Limite Circulaire

April 12

Mouthpiece Segment of the 4th Letter (2007)

Bird Concerto with Pianosong (2001)

Friction (2008)

Berkeley's new music ensemble-in-residence, "a dream team" composed of "some of the most talented and experienced players in the new-music world," (New York Times) presents two concerts that span the most exciting terrain of the contemporary musical landscape. Inventive compositions by modern masters and fresh new voices explore the boundaries between electronic and acoustic sounds, with inspiration drawn from phenomena as diverse as bird song, free jazz, the human voice, and the paintings of M.C. Escher and the ensemble also plays a modern masterwork by Ligeti.

Program Notes

Feb 22: Program notes are available online. [PDF]
Apr 12: Program notes are available online. [PDF]


Between Acts: Professor David Milnes talks eco ensemble

Articles & Interviews

New York Times, Bay Area section: A Digital Touch in Eco Ensemble's New Season

UC Berkeley College of Letters and Sciences Arts Ideas: Eco Ensemble Delivers the World

@ Hertz

UC Berkeley's Hertz Hall, the intimate and inviting concert venue at the heart of the campus, will be home this season to some of Cal Performances' most unforgettable musical experiences. Combining exciting repertoire and exquisite performances by some of today's most acclaimed musicians, Hertz Hall is the perfect setting to enjoy sublime music-making.

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Sat, Feb 22, 8 pm
Sat, April 12, 8 pm