Kinetech Arts Technology and Creative Expression
“Human and Machine”: Technology and Creative Expression
Steve Reich, Sō Percussion, Michel van der Aa, and Kinetech Arts on how technology has expanded and inspired their artistic capabilities.
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Kinetech Arts Technology and Creative Expression
“Human and Machine”: Technology and Creative Expression
Colm Ó Riain, Jaron Lanier, and Ken Goldberg
“Human and Machine”: Beyond Our Hopes and Fears
Jason Treuting and Adam Sliwinski
“Human and Machine”: The Instrumentalist & the Instrument Maker
Gentrification Storytelling panel discussion in Zellerbach Hall
Gentrification Storytelling: A Panel Discussion
Two Wings Q&A
Two Wings: The Music of Black America in Migration Post-Performance Q&A
Climate Displacement
Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Climate Displacement
Place and Displacement Choreography
Pandemic-Displaced Choreography: Q&A with Joffrey Ballet’s Nicolas Blanc and Christine Rocas
Jeremy Geffen, Ashley Wheat, Yoshihisa Arai
Artist Conversation with Ashley Wheater and Yoshihisa Arai of Joffrey Ballet: 2021/22 Season
Place Q&A
Place Post-Performance Q&A
Performance of Labor Panel
The Performance of Labor/The Labor of Performance: A Convening Panel
Artist Conversation with Kronos Quartet: 2021/22 Season
Artist Conversation with Vân-Ánh Võ
Place and Displacement: Bias in Our Algorithms and Society
Music, Diaspora, and the World A Conversation with Angélique Kidjo
9/11: A Turning Point
Artist Conversation with Julia Wolfe: 2020/21 Season
Artist Conversation with Renée Fleming
A Clear and Present Danger: The Wild West of the Web, the First Amendment, and Saving the News
My Old Home, A Novel of Exile: Orville Schell and Peter Sellars in Conversation, with Musical Interludes
Fact or Fiction: Disinformation and Freedom of Speech
Fighting the Disinformation Machine: Social Media and the Future of Journalism
Changing the Narrative: What Stories Can We Tell Now?
Oliver Sacks: His Own Life – Forum Discussion
Charles Lamb and Matthew Whitaker near MRI machine
The Art of the Spark: Musical Creativity Explored with Dr. Charles Limb
Artist Conversation for Real Enemies
Artist Conversation for Frankenstein: 2020/21 Season
Public Forum: The United States of Conspiracy: An Arts + Design Mondays presentation
Public Forum: Fact or Fiction: Conspiracy Theories and the Current Political Moment